violadavis"Stephen Book manages to articulate a technique that both allows the actor to be specific in silence and active and emotionally affective when speaking. He helps you tap into that endless well which is human."

"Improvisation is essential to acting and Book is a terrific teacher."

"Coming as I did from stand-up comedy -- and with a movie part in hand I was greatly in need of a teacher and a system, which could bring out and begin to develop my natural skills in a short time. Stephen Book and his workshop were just such a combination. I continue working with him to my great benefit."

"Stephen Book is a genius! I took his Improvisation Technique class and have had several private coaching sessions with him. I immediately saw vast improvement in my stage and film work. His technique is the perfect addition to my traditional theater training. I am thrilled to have a new toolbox for creating a character."

"Stephen Book's Improvisation Technique is creatively explosive! It has heightened my presence with new levels of freedom, authenticity and generosity. Right after completing Stephen's class I booked Buffy which led to Angel, Bones, and films.''

"A very intelligent and highly skilled teacher of acting. Actors find him exciting to work with and get a great deal from his particular form of teaching."

"I commend Stephen Book's work and highly recommend him to the theater community."

"I have watched the class at work, numerous times, and have been intrigued and impressed with Mr. Book's special abilities and with the progress immediately observable. I find his work most valuable."

"The transition from stand-up to acting and starring in a series couldn't have been smoother thanks to the body training, breath work, script breakdown, and the hundreds of other things I learned. My writing, acting, and just 'being' were profoundly affected by the few years I spent with Book. I now have a career and owe it all to Stephen Book. "

"I strongly recommend Stephen's workshop. It gave me a new sense of freedom and spontaneity in my work and helped me to break those old and stale habits."

"Stephen Book taught me a disciplined technique that allows me freedom, confidence, and spontaneity."

"Thelonius Monk once said, 'The only cats worth anything are the cats who take chances. Sometimes I play a song I never even heard.' In a song or in a scene, Stephen Book's technique will lead you to take that kind of chance. You will sing a song you've never even heard."

"I learned how to improvise (with confidence!), and to use it as a tool in performance - without changing one line of script! It's no coincidence that one year after joining Stephen's workshop I won an Emmy."

"Book is truly a master teacher. He is the only teacher I ever worked with who teaches pure technique--tools for handling every situation, problem and role. In class you are always working and involved, not spending your class time sitting around and watching others work."

"Prior to Stephen's class, I often felt I was flying by the seat of my pants but his workshop has given me invaluable tools that I can use forever. He's the man! "

"As I was auditioning for AMC’s Dietland, Stephen’s class and his book, The Actor Takes A Meeting, were so valuable to me-- his technique left me confident that I was enough – I didn’t need to impress or accommodate anyone or put on an act. I booked the lead! During shooting I was so grateful to have studied with Stephen Book and armed myself with weapons I rely on when the rubber hits the road."

Mark_Valley"Improvisation Technique creates spontaneous and authentic behavior while performing the script with the writer's lines and intent. It replaces the obscurities of other acting methods with a decisive technique. Stephen Book turned me into a professional actor."

"The training gave me a brand new perspective on my work. It allows you to keep the techniques that you already know and use as a point of departure! It turns acting into 'play' again. Stephen Book Is wonderful!"

"Working with Stephen helps keep my work fresh, colorful, and interesting. When I'm on the set, I feel more and more prepared, and at the same time, ready for anything. Stephen contributed immeasurably to my receiving two Emmy nominations in 1986 (Days of Our Lives and Cagney and Lacey)."

"After Stephen's class you walk into any job (or audition) with a comprehensive tool kit. You just reach in, pull out what you need and 'Bang' -- hit the nail on the head. Nothing is left to chance any more."

"Stephen's class Is wonderful! You come away feeling that you have secret magic stuff to add to what you already know about acting."

Tate Donovan"From the first rehearsal to the last take, his work is invaluable. It helps you to get out of your own way and gives you a feeling of doing improv while using text. He's a great coach. Don't do a film without him!"

“Stephen's techniques and curriculum are unique and will take you on a journey that leads to an unimaginable amount of new, useful tools for your craft. Thanks to Stephen's passion and uncanny eye for detail, I was continually challenged and inspired. The workshop fed a hunger for spontaneity, specificity, and a renewed confidence in my creativity.”

"Stephen teaches the tools essential for acting and no one does it better."

"Simply put, Stephen’s Improvisation Technique workshop transformed my craft and career. From breaking down a script to all the invaluable tools that address every need of the working actor, his technique has helped me create fuller characters, make better acting choices, and raise immeasurably the quality of my work."

"In the middle of my second year in Stephen's class I was cast in the National Theatre of Great Britain production of The Seafarer on Broadway. Improvisation Technique was my approach for the audition, rehearsals and performances --especially in the areas of character behavior, emotional dexterity and active listening. Stephen provided me with the foundation, skills, and confidence for leaping into my Broadway debut and just flying!"

"I've trained a lot of places, both here and in New York. So many of the classes I did were scene classes, where you learn to do scenes without ever having done the basics of technique. Stephen Book teaches technique in a very organized, step-by-step way. I've never studied with anybody in this country who teaches technique like that. When you finish with Stephen, you have this enormous toolbox."

"Stephen Book's Improvisation Technique has made me a better actor and a better stand-up - both in performance and writing. I've learned how to think and do bigger and better."

Stephen Book’s technique built my confidence and allows me to be emotionally exposed onstage. The class also prepared me for finding scenes through improv.”

"I was a student in Stephen Book's acting class during the three or so years he was writing his book, so I have experienced its riches first-hand. I know how much I gained, and I witnessed the growth of the other actors in the class. I still remember our first round of scene work and the remarkable transformation of each actor's work after we did the First-Level Improvisations. It was a startling demonstration of the transforming power of the Improvisation Technique we were learning. And the best was yet to come. I was 75 when I began the class, a professional actor for 50 years. I finished not long after I turned 79, my craft immeasurably enriched and strengthened, with access to emotional resources I did not realize I had within me. As I get ready to start rehearsals for a new play, I have a fresh sense of myself in the work I have been doing my whole professional life. Priceless!"


Acting Teacher Stephen Book