Podręcznik dla aktorów

By Stephen Book

BOOK ON ACTING has been translated and published in Poland as HANDBOOK FOR ACTORSImprovisation Technique for the Professional Actor in Film, Theater, and Television  (Wydawnictwo Wojciech Marzec, 2007).

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"Every director, actor, and acting coach should read and know "Handbook for Actors: Improvisation Technique for the Professional Actor in Film, Theater and Television." For a director- it would help him pull that priceless and most unpredictable performance out of an actor. For an actor- during fast paced film productions and television work it shows how to trust in your own abilities moment to moment. And for acting coaches- to understand the big picture of what your mission is as a teacher."
-Ewelina Goral
"In this handbook I found so many extraordinarily valuable lessons for those who are beginning their acting journey. I began mine 20 years ago and I still was able to get so much from the book. This piece of work should not be missed by anyone interested in the craft of acting. I highly recommend it! BRAVO!"
-Tomasz Sapryk
"It's an amazing guidebook that shows you, step by step with fascinating exercises, how to make your way from the world of imagination to the stage."
-Grazyna Wolszczak
"This handbook, in a remarkably thorough way, guides an aspiring actor on their journey from the most straightforward "acting exercises", to the full awareness of your own body, and to utilizing your voice through the dialogue and subtext. All of this is crucial to building an entire character for film and television."
-Cezary Zak
"This is an exceptional book and the only one of it's kind in Poland . In the most practical way it enlightens us to the necessary steps an actor must take when preparing for a role. It is fantastic for bringing out the buried talents of both beginners and professionals alike."
-Ewa Gawryluk
"During mandatory school lectures I tend to avoid the larger textbooks. I'm happy to announce my phobia of large volumes does not apply to "Handbook for Actors" and proves that every big book does not have to be boring. It's important to remember that even the best books however will not take the place of talent, hard work and luck. Nonetheless this book is worth your time. I recommend you read it!"
-Olaf Lubaszenko
"During fast paced productions the actor must always be a consummate professional and be on his toes and ready for anything. Book’s "Handbook for Actors" allows you to fully realize your potential and master your own skills in this acting game we're playing."
-Jan Wieczorkowski
"In Polish schools we are taught to act mostly on intuition or instinct, so that's why I've really been waiting for a book like this. Book’s method is a comprehensive system- nonetheless it demands discipline and faith."
-Jerzy Gudejko
"This handbook is an enormous achievement in acting! You must read it!"
-Jan Machulski


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